Highlight 8 Evergreen Hedge Plants for your yard Boundaries


8 Best Evergreen Hedge Plants for Your Yard Boundaries


A lush, long-lasting border around your yard is a wise landscaping choice, and evergreen hedge plants are a timeless option. They provide privacy and beauty all year round. When looking for plants online, you can enter your location to identify sellers that offer plant delivery to your area.

Choosing the right hedging plant for your garden is an important decision. Hedges and shrubs are expertly managed and evenly clipped to resemble green walls, uncontrolled and informal, adding texture and color. They can provide much-needed privacy, shelter in an exposed location, or serve as a sound barrier near a noisy road.

This guide will go over eight of the most excellent evergreen hedge plants that flourish in various climates and situations, assisting you in transforming your yard limits into a green and lively retreat.

How to Select a Hedging Plant:

Before selecting a hedging plant, list the functions you want it to perform, and then look for a plant that meets those requirements. However, be aware of potential hazards. Make sure you don't plant a hedge that will grow too large for the available space or whose roots will interfere with shared drainage or utilities. When you are going to buy hedging plants, remember these things.

Top 8 Best Evergreen Hedging Plants:

Many hedge plants will meet your needs and fit your plot, whether you're looking for an alternative to garden ideas or simply want to green up your garden boundaries. Choosing the best hedge plants is a fantastic place to start if you want to give your garden boundaries a fresh look. We've compiled a list of our favorites, whether you're looking for a quick grower, evergreen options, or options for small and large gardens. Read these eight best types and then buy hedging plants.

1: Laurel

First on the list is the Laurel family, which contains several plants. You can buy hedging plants like cherry laurel, one of the best for hedging. It is an excellent screening plant since it is evergreen and has crisp, glossy, spherical leaves that make a dense screen. This can help with noise reduction while also acting as a wind buffer. It's also the most popular landscape and garden shrub in the UK, thanks partly to its low maintenance and ability to grow in full sun and shady settings. It's one of the fastest growing hedges, with a 12-24in (30-60cm) per year growth rate and a maximum height of 16ft (5m), yet it's easy to keep under control.

2: Thuja

Next on the list is the Thuja, an evergreen conifer distinguished by fan-like sprays of thick, bushy leaves. It grows at a rate of 30 inches (75cm) each year, providing quick coverage and making it a great choice. If you need to buy hedging plants, Thuja Plicata is a beautiful choice. It has green leaves in the spring and coppery leaves in the autumn and has foliage all year. Keep it hydrated in the spring and summer, and add mulch throughout the winter to keep moisture in. These plants are native to eastern Canada and much of the north-central and northeastern United States and thrive in the UK climate. In the spring, apply a general-purpose feed and stay on top of pruning to keep the hedge under control.

3: Bamboo

Bamboo is a great choice for one of the most significant hedge plants for a modern garden. The upright canes, with their exquisite, rustling foliage, offer the ideal informal barrier, and they will grow to about 30 inches (75cm) in a year. Choose a less invasive bamboo, such as Phyllostachys Viridiglaucescens, or an umbrella variety, such as Fargesia Murielae. Plant in rich soil in the spring or summer and keep it well-watered. If the bamboo grows too tall, it can withstand severe pruning and the old canes in the spring. They may grow up to 16ft (5m) tall, allowing them to produce an extremely effective screening barrier.

4: Rosa Glauca

This beautiful flowering hedge is excellent for small gardens and limited spaces. It has pink blooms in the summer and red cherry-like hips in the fall, and its blue-green foliage on reddish stalks provides a charming informal barrier. It is a robust plant that can thrive in coastal places, windy weather, and frost pockets and is suitable for most soil types. Plant it as a bare root in full sun or partial shade between October and April, and it can reach a height of 10ft (3m). Most people buy hedging plants like Rosa Glauca because they look attractive.

5: Box

Box hedges are great for all sizes of gardens but especially for smaller spaces. They are compact with little leaves, slow growing, easy to clip to length, and utilized as a low, formal hedge or garden border edging. Furthermore, box plants grow twice a year, in the spring and fall. However, they are susceptible to a fungal disease called box blight. If the leaves acquire brown spots, it is blight, and there is little effective therapy.

6: Hornbeam

This plant forms an exquisite, even hedge and is best suited to a large expanse of land and a more formal-looking garden. Although it is deciduous, the foliage changes color but remains on the branches over winter, making it a good choice for year-round garden screening. Hornbeam is a moderately fast grower, increasing in height by 8-16 inches (20-40 cm) per year. It is best planted in the autumn, late spring, and early August.

7: Western Hemlock

This evergreen conifer grows to form a tall, dense hedge. And it can grow to reach 100ft (30m) tall. The branches contain needle-like leaves and green cones that turn brown in the autumn. Trim it hard in early autumn to keep it under control. This hardy evergreen hedge is native to North America and can withstand shaded situations as well as adverse weather conditions.

8. Pyracantha ‘Mohave’

This evergreen shrub is a great option if you are seeking privacy in your garden. It features prickly upright stems and small, thick green leaves, adding seclusion, security, and soundproofing to any property. White flowers appear in early June with vibrant red berries. Leave the hedge alone to grow for a wilder, more casual look that will prevent intruders, or cut it to shape in spring and late summer if you desire a clean border. It adapts well to moist, well-drained soil and can grow up to 23 inches (60cm) per year once established.


If you want to enhance the beauty of your garden with minimal effort, you don't need to be a skilled gardener or own vast landscaping shrubs. We recommend checking out low-maintenance shrubs that are perfect for the front of your property. It also provides privacy and security. Choosing more appropriate hedging plants or devising another approach to achieve the desired effect may assist you in avoiding the development of overly huge hedges and preventing future problems. Remember to buy hedging plants that suit your garden's requirements and available space. With the proper plant selection, you can create a beautiful and peaceful retreat. When looking for these plants online, enter your location to identify sellers that offer plant delivery to your area. When selecting the ideal evergreen hedge plants for your yard boundaries, consider sunlight, soil type, and available space. We hope our guide will help you to buy Shrubs and bushes, the best evergreen hedge plants for your garden.

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